The Film Makers

Technical Artists 

Our technical artists bring our characters into their 3D world, through character & set modeling, allowing them to be moved and manipulated and creating the “look” through textures and materials. They add in visual effects, crowds, simulate hair and cloth and create mood and visual focus to enhance the story through beautiful lighting and make sure what appears on screen is perfect.


Layout Artists 

3D Layout Artists continue the visual story telling that has started in storyboarding using a CG camera.  The artist creates a sequence of shots with the use of camera composition, timing and movements to guide the viewer’s eye through the scene according to the Director’s vision.


Animation is not merely moving an object; it is bringing it to life and giving it a personality. The animators create motions, gestures and expressions of 3D computer graphics characters and objects using Pixar’s proprietary animation system.


The Production team is the twitter feed and navigation system of the studio making sure our film productions are on track.  The team is highly organized and provides a weekly beacon to focus artistic endeavours toward.

Software Engineers (PEng)

The PEng team is the go-to department for inventing and maintaining all production technology to make our wonderful short films. The team uses code to solve look development, workflow and creative artistic problems.



Behind the Scenes

Information Systems

The Systems team provides and maintains the core technology infrastructure required to produce our films. From laptop to render-farm, they ensure that technology is always working and ready for the creative team to work their magic.


Finance this is the hub of all financial activities for the studio and its productions; the team manages day-to-day operational  & production finance as well as strategic planning for the future.

Human Resources 

HR is responsible for finding the wonderful & talented people who work at Pixar Canada, developing them in their roles to continue their learning throughout their career with us. They manage benefits, employee relations, training and champion the great culture we have in the studio.


This team that handles the day to day running and activities at the studio. They are the behind the scenes crew who support the well being and happiness of all of our staff - everything from first point of contact for guests and staff to personal environment set up and maintenance, to studio events.